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Hmm…So heres the explanation iv been looking for…

Jealousy is all but inevitable in romantic relationships. In small doses it is not destructive and can even be used to heighten your bond with your significant other. But if you constantly feel inadequate and wonder if your partner is about to leave you for someone else, then jealousy becomes a poison that eats away at your relationship and psyche. The key to minimizing jealousy is building self-esteem—the better you feel about yourself, the more secure you will feel in your relationship

One morning I woke up next to you and thought, this is great.

I made you breakfast and saw your smile and thought, that is great.

I met up with you later and saw your smile again, and thought man, this is great.

We spent some time together and then we went home, snuggled up in bed and you fell asleep on me.

I lay back and thought of how great this is, and then fell asleep for it all to happen again!

<3 this!
Jordans light..

<3 this!

Jordans light..

One of the first &lt;3

One of the first <3

&lt;3 this one

<3 this one

yes&#8230;Field lane

yes…Field lane

Lew taylor did this&#8230;.

Lew taylor did this….